What makes a good political leader in Mauritius!

I’m rather fed up of listening to the small parties leaders for the oncoming general election. I mean, I said, let’s check out if there’s some party worth voting apart from the 2 big alliances. FSM, MDN, MAM etc… There’s one thing I simply can’t digest is the lack of on-screen skills by their leaders. I mean come, on it’s not hard, you just need these:

  • La gueule! basically, that’s the ability to talk good of your party and your values no matter. Leaders should be able to answer questions askd to them, comment on their feelings of the day, of their vision with absolute confidence. Stuttering is like saying, ‘don’t vote me, I’m not good enough’
  • Say what people want to hear and are looking for! What’s the point in saying that you’re going to help the poor as your main argument? Is that appealing to the majority? No, it’s not. Poverty is a problem, but don’t make it your main argument. Nor either say vague things like progress, rights for this class and that… Mauritians like to hear what specific things you’ll do, like the big parties are: e.g. free public transport for some, 200 laureates. Most people are middle class, not poor.
  • Have relevant and credible arguments! The moment you tell a lie, people are not going to believe you (well, not within the time for election). Same if you counter your own argument. One politician has been saying times and times over that they’re winning and will stay for years. So what? Where’s the argument? Another example is saying that the country is in a very bad shape – which is totally false! What
  • Appear social, rather than economic! Even if you have the best economic plan for Mauritius, bear in mind that most voters do not understand economy. Ever wondered the reason why the finance minister was ousted? Who understands the impact of reduced corporate tax and even obvious things like CSR! Managers, top people, NGOs do. Do most educated people realise that CSR means a potential of billions of rupees being spent on community service by private companies and NGO’s every year?

Like my previous post(s), I’d love to see a young new party that will unite the good people around Mauritius, combine the small parties if needed, and really bring a revolution.


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  1. Yashvin
    Apr 24, 2010 @ 23:34:37

    Questions :
    “Would you vote for a young new party?”

    “Give me some examples of persons whom you think should be in that party…”


  2. ash
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 00:06:29

    If there were people who had all the above skills, with some good appeal and publicity, I’d vote them. The marketing campaign is really important. Youngsters would be more open and willing to vote for young people, what say?

  3. bhoot
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 21:06:11

    I am watching the political presentation by each party and thinking… what if these small parties joined forces? That would be such a nice display. After all they are not able to cover the whole of Mauritius.

    What would a MDN-MAM-PartieMalin-FSM-PPM give? It’d be a new alliance, with each of their leaders able to bring in some votes of their own. With such an alliance, they might be able to cover half of Mauritius…

    I guess they either don’t get along, or did not think about it! Untill that or our Revolution party happens, government will remain in the hands of charismatic leaders from PTr, MMM and their alliances.

  4. bhoot
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 20:47:19

    How funny today that Alliance du Coeur is saying that croissance is so low! Come on, we’re just past recession and maintaining that level is pretty good. Will the layman understand that?

  5. bhoot
    May 01, 2010 @ 00:32:46

    Just saw an interesting post the Facebook page of Alliance du Coeur. They have detailed their claim that petit copains have received a milliard or rupees worth of land:


    So why don’t say tell out these names aloud? Kifer pas?! Instead of vaguely criticising over and over again sans reason…

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