Great Wall Voleex C10/Phenom i7 – A Vitz/Yaris Clone that Looks Better than the Original

You might already know about the GWM Florid in sale in Mauritius since last year. At first look it’s a copied Toyota Vitz 1st Gen (front) mingled with the Toyota IST (rear and interior). These two are basically built on the same platform by Toyota. I was always thinking what it’d be if they had made a car inspired by the new Vitz/Yaris. Great Wall Motors finally did it – it was code named CH031. It’s on sale now as the Voleex C10 and Voleex C30 (saloon between the Belta/Yaris and the Corolla).GWM Voleex C10 Side Front

I have to say that I am presently surprised to find otherwise expensive options present in this compact hatch particularly electronic stability control, sunroof, projector headlights, heated seats to name just some. It boasts having a good crumple zone for crash security… but it’s a claim.

The best thing is the look. It is aggressive – finally appealing to the men (well the Vitz RS was appealing to a certain extent but not like the C10). it’s aggressive grill reminds you of the supercar Maybach Exelero and a decent taillights. The doors look very similar to the Vitz. The next best is the interior. The dashboard has a pleasant look and arrangement unlike the Vitz/Yaris (which I hate). The engine also seems to be inspired by the NZ series of Toyota. Mind you it won a Chinese engine award! Coupled with a CVT with 6-speed manual mode or 5-speed manual…GWM Voleex C10 Interior

Well, it remains to be seen how good it is on the road and in crash test! I know only of the GWM Hover that has been tested for 4-star. Until it become available in Mauritius, I’ll dream a bit with these pics:


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