Tulsi Lessons/Kiyosaki – When in Business, Build Your Team

I was glad to be home early this Wednesday, it had been days since I came back early enough to have a glimpse of Tulsi. I had hoped that my people have stopped watching it (too bad, at least I dreamed). I was surprised to see that Mihir had been arrested and was being questioned like an ordinary suspect. Here is what are missing:

In his 40 years of business, he did not have legal counsel. Businesses usually work with at least one legal firm, which would provide lawyers to defend the company and yourself… Where did that go? On top of that, rich people may have an army of lawyers!

More missing are his political contacts. How is it possible that such a big businessmen does not know any politician powerful enough to prevent the police (CBI here) from treating him like a criminal. He was even handcuffed in public…

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book (Rich Dad Poor Dad) that when you’re in business, you should have your team. This means, having a legal contact, accountant, financial advisor etc. You would at least need to have basic knowledge to be able to converse with them (they are not employees, contacts, partners).  His advice comes from observing how the rich behave.

Well, if you are still not getting the real essence behind this serial is showing… JUST DON’T DO LIKE THE VIRANIS!


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