End of Second Hand Sales Division for Toyota Mauritius

While local competitors are increasing their second-hand vehicle sales, it’s not surprising that the local dealer of Toyota (ex Beechand) is closing its Toyota Sure, used car division. Why it’s  not surprising, it’s because of their bad service, excessive prices, and incorrect models sold…

The number of Toyota Vitz sold in Mauritius is a lot, you just have to check around. So is the latest Corolla NZE 140 aka Axio. A lot of taxi drivers have now gained the knowledge that Axio is the new Japanese Corolla. While the model sold by Toyota Mauritius is the Malaysian built Altis E150 – which only recently got 6-speed and a dual-vvti engine…

That said, it’s not Toyota that is at fault, it’s their Mauritian dealership. They do not sell appropriate models, are not customer-focused, and have bad marketing campaigns! If only, I could take the reins of that company… or open a competing Toyota dealership… I could bring Daihatsu to Mauritius (and I thought about Lexus years ago!)

I still remember asking a salesperson from there about the price for the E140 Axio and the answer was that they have the E120 Corolla (so old…)…

Read more about previous articles, where I mention Toyota models that would sell good in Mauritius

I would still recommend Toyota Corolla Axio, Vitz, Auris, Rush, Mark X and Daihatsu Move, Copen and Sirion (Passo) –  both new and second hand. People who can’t buy the new Prius 3 would buy second hand Prius 2.


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  1. yogesh
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 12:41:46

    Toyota had to end their second sales dept,since their prices were too much.
    And people were barely buying their cars!

  2. uog
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 05:41:00

    do you think that they may do better with their new showroom, or just end up crappier???…………………

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