Mauritius adopts CO2 Emissions Green Tax, Nissan NV200, New Micra K13, Mitsubishi Colt

Nissan March K13It’s good to see the award winning NV 200 (the new Nissan Vanette) reaching our shores for about Rs 600,000. Now the Peugeot Bipper/Partner has a contender. Although the Bipper is more affordable and comes in more economical diesel engine, hardcore Japanese fans.

Good to see as well is the new Micra with a 1.2 L 3-cylinder new engine that’s going to be able to compete with peers for fuel economy. Coupled with a 7-year 100,000 km warranty, ABC Motors knows its business. I guess many Mauritians won’t see the a-bit-dull looks and lower quality (according to foreign journalists).

Mitsubishi Colt 2001The Mitsubishi Colt is finally here, abeit the older model. I hope they advertise that it has SIX (6) seats as opposed to 5 for all other hatchbacks in its category (Vitz, Fit, Demio, 207, Fiesta).

Finally the introduction of the green tax soon will be a good thing. It’ll be a system similar to France with bonus and mallus applied depending on your car’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission. To be honest, I think the bonus is way too little. It should have been 3x more. Even the Prius manages only about Rs 70,000 rebate on tax – which is peanuts for a Rs 1M plus car… But the penalty for polluting engines is quite high… say at least Rs 200,000 for a Porsche. And what about the 50% off every tax for hybrids and electric vehicles? Do they still hold?

The big problem comes also from the fact that pickup trucks are not affected by this penalty. Now that there is a new Minister of Finance, let’s hope even more rationality with an updated taxation plan. The current table (from MotorMag) is as follows:

Bonus Malus
CO2 Emission g/km 0 to 90 91 to 157 158 159 to 225 191 to 225 226 to 290 >290
Value in Rs per g -3000 -1000 0 +2000 +3000 +4000 +5000
Max bonus/malus Rs 85g will give -15,000 -67,000 -67,000 +64,000 +64,000 +105,000 +64,000 +105,000 +260,000

I think that the bonus should be as follows to encourage green vehicles:
0 to 90g = -10,000 (there aren’t any cars below 90 g)
91 to 110 = -5,000
110 to 138 = -3,000
139 to 157 = -1,000


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  1. uog
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 05:45:47

    new toyota prius got 89 g/km…………. mitsubishi imiev and nissan leaf are totally electric, but no provision has been made to fuel up these cars………..

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