Is There a Mauritian Stock Cycle?

Last year the market was low in February/March, and many stocks peaked in November/December. Let’s see if that happens again this year! I’ve sold some with profit late last year: ENL Commercial, CMPL, Fincorp, BMH… Too bad NRL didn’t pick up…


Stock Market End of Year Rise!

I haven’t been following stocks for long, but in Mauritius, I think that the market soars in the last few months of the year. That happened in 2009, and I expect it to happen in 2010. The past few weeks has seen many of my hot-picks seeing a huge increase in market price 😛 I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that I could have invested more! More

Gold Remains One of the Safest High Yield Investments – Mauritius Dodo Coins

Dodo Rs 250 photo from have access to investing in gold since over 20 years with the introduction of The Dodo coin in Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 face values. It must have been in 1990’s, while a kid reading MCB Rupys magazine that I came to learn about it. The Dodo coins were a symbol of patriotism. A few years later, their prices has grown from Rs 1000 to Rs 8000… It came to my mind that hmm, gold prices have increased… Little did I guess that they’d keep on increasing. The Dodo gold coin prices grew an amazing 25%+ per annum* compound over the last five years! Or 14.5%  p.a. for the last 10 years. More

Crise Euro Already Starts Negative Speculation

The effects of the last 2008 recession was felt a bit late in the Mauritian stock exchange: the lowest point came about Feb-March 2009. Now we hear of the recent Euro Crisis and the market went down a bit last week… already? More

Now is the time to invest in the Mauritian Stock market – March April May 2010 –

Most companies have recovered from the crash that the local market following recession. The SEMDEX reached its minimum last year in March 2009, some companies falling as low as their nominal values! But since there, the market has roared. If I had put my money then, I’d be happy with a 25-100% profit… Demand kept rising until recently… More

Why Buy-Now-Pay-Later Credit Sale Works Well in Mauritius!

I have just been to the CEB in person, to pay for the corrected bill and imagine my bad luck that there’s a long queue… Yeah, it’s the deadline today… So many people wait for the last moment to do their things…

A similar long queue was shown on TV for last year’s income tax deadline. Why do people have to wait for the last moment to make their payments? Of defer payment? I’m sure a lot paid late payment fees, both for the CEB and income tax…

Personally, I like to pay my bills as early as possible, and not buy on credit: it’s bad. It keeps your head worried so as when I’m doing to do it, makes you pay interest if you go past the deadline… and worse… credit sales have huge interest associated with them. Pretty normal, since the shop wouldn’t be making profit instantly with a credit-sale, so it has to charge extra!

When Will University Fees be Tax Exempted?

I have been waiting for post-graduate courses to be advertised at the University of Mauritius… not because they’re the best (they’re simply not), but because they’re the most affordable at Rs 85k for a Masters honours degree…

But I come to think of it… As an IT professional, I work and pay loads of income tax… If only the money you spend on university degrees and courses relevant to prioritised fields could be exempted from your taxable income? That would really encourage people to upgrade themselves. After all, we’re serving the country, the private sector, the pillars of Mauritian economy…