What’s new in 2012 – Road network improvement? A lot! Census Results

I know it’s been months since I last blogged on Lallmatie.com – my work is taking up time, then I spent time with my love and family, then again work, friends, and so on. Well, I learned about SEO and have been applying it at work recently. So I said, let’s check how lallmatie.com is doing on website analyzers – and it has a damn good potential of becoming a popular site! So another challenge take, let’s do this!

Well, here in Mauritius – and especially the East, it’s good to know that we have some of the largest villages in Mauritius, according to last year’s census. These are:

3. Flacq and Bel Air (18k each – yeah, those who though Bel Air is a small village must learn their EVS again!)

5. Mahebourg

15. Lallmatie (10k)

Yup, I wasn’t going to miss Lallmatie, and what I mean Flacq or Bel Air, those figures do not include the nearby villages of Argy, Caroline etc. They’re purely these villages. So if you add the numbers of the nearby villages, you’ll see that Lallmatie (10)+Bon Accueil (7)+Brisée Verdière (6)+St Julian(3) gives the same size as the No 2 village of Goodlands, and almost the population of No 1 Triolet.

Roads are coming up good – with the Belle Rive to Quartier Militaire direct road works visible when you travel from Alma to Quartier Militaire; Salazie straightening and Ripailles road works for the new motorway. I’m so eager to drive on these roads and see how much time can be saved by bypassing the busy roads. No, I won’t say that it’s because of the minister in the region…

Recently traffic has grown so heavy on the usual roads near St Pierre – Moka and Reduit that the quickest way is to pass via Bagatelle if you are going from St Pierre to Reduit – in the morning (and in the peak 5 pm afternoon on Thursdays). I wonder why Thursday is the day of the week where you have the jammest Moka…

What do you think?


Scheme Encouraging Small Sugarcane Planters is a Waste!

In a time where the big sugar estates are divesting from sugar production, how come the government is helping small sugarcane to save money for the next harvest? So contrary! Especially when we import so many vegetables from abroad, these same planters should be helped so that they switch to vegetables and fruit production. That would help in constructing our food security and Maurice Ile Durable… But at least, they’re helping people in need you’d say…

Bad Decision – Allowing less credits to promote from SC to HSC

Among all the good decisions taken by the government these days, there comes one that goes backwards. Today the Minister of Education announced that only 3 credits will be required to promote SC students to take HSC, compared to 4 credits. This is bad, because these students who did not get enough credits are wasting their time, THEY ARE NOT GOOD AT ACADEMICS – They are definitely good at doing something else. Vocational courses is the way for them. More

Busy month + End of Tulsi on MBC + Budget 2011

I feel bad not having blogged for weeks, and missed Ba’s funeral on Facebook. Here we are finally, the end of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, aka. Tulsi over here… Happy to see 112y+ Ba and 64y Tulsi finally disappeared. I hope nobody remembers them… They should remember the villains: Ansh, Trupti etc…

I’ll have to write a full blog on the goods and bads of the budget 2011… The grave thing is that the government is spending nearly 20B (90B vs 70B) over it’s revenues, in times that businesses and themselves have shouted crisis! There are some good measures for the middle class, and for taxing the upper classes more but… the actual minister is no expert in the matter, and simply cannot match the former finance minister!

Mansory Panamera on TopGear.com


Action, Not Birth, Determines Caste – Religion, Politics & Management

I was very pleased with the episodes of Mahabharat this week (Mahabharat 6 & 10 Sep MBC1). There were important lessons and teachings in each episodes. Given the recent uproar created by the infamous l’Express article on castes use in politics, I think it’s important that everyone understands that even in the times of Mahabharat (3000 years ago or so), it was accepted that people can determine their caste, by the job they do: their actions.


Tulsi Lessons/Kiyosaki – When in Business, Build Your Team

I was glad to be home early this Wednesday, it had been days since I came back early enough to have a glimpse of Tulsi. I had hoped that my people have stopped watching it (too bad, at least I dreamed). I was surprised to see that Mihir had been arrested and was being questioned like an ordinary suspect. Here is what are missing:

In his 40 years of business, he did not have legal counsel. More

Gold Remains One of the Safest High Yield Investments – Mauritius Dodo Coins

Dodo Rs 250 photo from TaxFreeGold.co.ukMauritians have access to investing in gold since over 20 years with the introduction of The Dodo coin in Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 face values. It must have been in 1990’s, while a kid reading MCB Rupys magazine that I came to learn about it. The Dodo coins were a symbol of patriotism. A few years later, their prices has grown from Rs 1000 to Rs 8000… It came to my mind that hmm, gold prices have increased… Little did I guess that they’d keep on increasing. The Dodo gold coin prices grew an amazing 25%+ per annum* compound over the last five years! Or 14.5%  p.a. for the last 10 years. More

Anelka Out – Should the Coach be Blamed?

As surprising as it may seem, MBC commentators did not even once mention that Domenech might be the one to blame for this situation. Have they all forgotten the fate of France in the World Cup 2002? France went out before the round of 16… with a loss from a small team…

Well in 2002, there were still many remnants from the 1998 team. Big team players… the selection I remember and line up was uhuh… Canal+ criticised a lot if I remember well… Domenech was almost thrown out… How did he stay? And make such a comeback in 2006 (and the fall with Zidane)! It was a well motivated team…

Now he’s fallen again… You don’t put out a winning player in such a critical stage… Cause, like expected, it demotivated the team. It shows a lack of trust. Would Anelka just swear for no reason?!

Zidane agreed here:


Can FIFA World Rankings Be Used to Forecast World Cup Results 2010?

FIFA has a global ranking of countries since many years, the list being updated on a monthly basis. I say it gives a good idea of their national teams performance. Can this be used to forecast results? But, this is football, other factors also need to be taken into account with this world cup: managers, South Africa’s playing home despite a ranking of 83 in May 2010 vs Brazil still No.1. Other factors would be current form, the team formation and strategy, team lineup, weather conditions, referee and the players spirit!

If you check the ranking for May 2010 from this site:

You’ll see that these top the list (rank, name, points)

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