Busy month + End of Tulsi on MBC + Budget 2011

I feel bad not having blogged for weeks, and missed Ba’s funeral on Facebook. Here we are finally, the end of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, aka. Tulsi over here… Happy to see 112y+ Ba and 64y Tulsi finally disappeared. I hope nobody remembers them… They should remember the villains: Ansh, Trupti etc…

I’ll have to write a full blog on the goods and bads of the budget 2011… The grave thing is that the government is spending nearly 20B (90B vs 70B) over it’s revenues, in times that businesses and themselves have shouted crisis! There are some good measures for the middle class, and for taxing the upper classes more but… the actual minister is no expert in the matter, and simply cannot match the former finance minister!


Mahabharat – On Bravery & Cowardice – War as a last resort

One episode last month mentioned war as a last resort by Krishna. Considering other alternatives to war is bravery. Wisdom in moving away from war can be seen as cowardice by others, but these ignorants should be ignored. Thus, Krishna calls to leave the vulnerable Mathura for a new kingdom, Dwarika, with higher defence city. More

If the student is not keen, what will the teacher teach

Another point coming from Mahabharat this week: Motivation is required in the student for proper learning. Otherwise, the teachings may go to waste.

Action, Not Birth, Determines Caste – Religion, Politics & Management

I was very pleased with the episodes of Mahabharat this week (Mahabharat 6 & 10 Sep MBC1). There were important lessons and teachings in each episodes. Given the recent uproar created by the infamous l’Express article on castes use in politics, I think it’s important that everyone understands that even in the times of Mahabharat (3000 years ago or so), it was accepted that people can determine their caste, by the job they do: their actions.


Tulsi Lessons/Kiyosaki – When in Business, Build Your Team

I was glad to be home early this Wednesday, it had been days since I came back early enough to have a glimpse of Tulsi. I had hoped that my people have stopped watching it (too bad, at least I dreamed). I was surprised to see that Mihir had been arrested and was being questioned like an ordinary suspect. Here is what are missing:

In his 40 years of business, he did not have legal counsel. More

Mahabharat 07 – 26 July 2010 – 2 Lessons + This serial should really be PG-rated

It’s so absurd to see more impulsive and extreme decisions today. The princess Gandhari prefers to blindfold herself for life instead of supporting his blind prince husband Dhristarashtra… Bhishma blesses her with 100 sons… Ayaya, this blessing will come true. Traces of cloning are speculated to have been the solution to this. I wonder if that will be pictured this way, or as usual to this serial: eye contact + smoke = new baby! More

Tulsi Tue 20 July – The 4 Lessons of this Episode That Your Mom Will Not Learn

1. Realise that some people won’t change early, not after being kicked 10 times

Tulsi made the gravest mistake by trusting Mandira after being well aware of her character for over 40 years. Agreed that the first time you can forgive, come on even 2-3 times. But not after so many times. Even a dog would have known not to trust Mandira’s word.

2. Running with Sari is Hard

Shobha could not run after Mandira, who wore a knee-high skirt (or dress). Shobha must have work a heavy sari.

3. Know to whom you are donating

Didn’t Tulsi know that Nirmala has earned millions by blackmailing Mandira? Why does she give her peanuts then…

4. Check your alibi

Karan is no fool, he knows the moment you stutter in your words that you might be lying.

Tulsi Tue 13 July – Too lazy to run Ganga, too careless typical villain Trupti

I finally decided to write more often about each bit the series that I can. No, I don’t enjoy watching, it’s because I’m fed up of complaining to my family that it ‘s bad.

So this episode showed a silly Ganga, who More

Mahabharat MBC1 Monday 12 July – The lesson from Bhishma’s impulsive vow

It was with great pleasure that I sat down to watch Mahabharat last Monday. I had spent my childhood enjoying the actions (flaming arrows etc) of this serial. I said to myself, let’s see if I still see it the same, convinced that I’d find new wisdom… Alas, I was not only disappointed, I was enraged by the picturing of the characters… More

The Beauty of Tulsi KSBKBT – The real heroes are the villains

After try so hard to make my family stop watching Tulsi every night, I came to realise one thing with the recent turn of events on MBC TV. Let me sum up, in the serial, a big climax and story just ended. Another one just started. A few points will show how the writers/directors are intelligent (yeah, may be you didn’t doubt that): More