What’s new in 2012 – Road network improvement? A lot! Census Results

I know it’s been months since I last blogged on Lallmatie.com – my work is taking up time, then I spent time with my love and family, then again work, friends, and so on. Well, I learned about SEO and have been applying it at work recently. So I said, let’s check how lallmatie.com is doing on website analyzers – and it has a damn good potential of becoming a popular site! So another challenge take, let’s do this!

Well, here in Mauritius – and especially the East, it’s good to know that we have some of the largest villages in Mauritius, according to last year’s census. These are:

3. Flacq and Bel Air (18k each – yeah, those who though Bel Air is a small village must learn their EVS again!)

5. Mahebourg

15. Lallmatie (10k)

Yup, I wasn’t going to miss Lallmatie, and what I mean Flacq or Bel Air, those figures do not include the nearby villages of Argy, Caroline etc. They’re purely these villages. So if you add the numbers of the nearby villages, you’ll see that Lallmatie (10)+Bon Accueil (7)+Brisée Verdière (6)+St Julian(3) gives the same size as the No 2 village of Goodlands, and almost the population of No 1 Triolet.

Roads are coming up good – with the Belle Rive to Quartier Militaire direct road works visible when you travel from Alma to Quartier Militaire; Salazie straightening and Ripailles road works for the new motorway. I’m so eager to drive on these roads and see how much time can be saved by bypassing the busy roads. No, I won’t say that it’s because of the minister in the region…

Recently traffic has grown so heavy on the usual roads near St Pierre – Moka and Reduit that the quickest way is to pass via Bagatelle if you are going from St Pierre to Reduit – in the morning (and in the peak 5 pm afternoon on Thursdays). I wonder why Thursday is the day of the week where you have the jammest Moka…

What do you think?