The seriousness of pen-drive viruses and their ignorance: Simple steps to protect yourself

I have seen to many people ignorant of the fact that their pen-drives (usb key, usb disk) have been contaminated by viruses that have been copied by them unknowingly! How? And why didn’t their antivirus detect them? Some do not even know until their computers start becoming slow and more… Let me explain easy ways to detect and protect yourself…



No Public Smoking, Drinking – Lallmatie Looks Cleaner and More Peaceful

With the for and against the new smoking and alcohol drinking in public places, there actually is a real change in Lallmatie.

People of Lallmatie have started to respect public places. No more drinking around the corner (for the fear of fines)… no more smoking… It really feels fresh now.

What a good way to celebrate the National Day!