Anelka Out – Should the Coach be Blamed?

As surprising as it may seem, MBC commentators did not even once mention that Domenech might be the one to blame for this situation. Have they all forgotten the fate of France in the World Cup 2002? France went out before the round of 16… with a loss from a small team…

Well in 2002, there were still many remnants from the 1998 team. Big team players… the selection I remember and line up was uhuh… Canal+ criticised a lot if I remember well… Domenech was almost thrown out… How did he stay? And make such a comeback in 2006 (and the fall with Zidane)! It was a well motivated team…

Now he’s fallen again… You don’t put out a winning player in such a critical stage… Cause, like expected, it demotivated the team. It shows a lack of trust. Would Anelka just swear for no reason?!

Zidane agreed here:,0,2020632.story


Can FIFA World Rankings Be Used to Forecast World Cup Results 2010?

FIFA has a global ranking of countries since many years, the list being updated on a monthly basis. I say it gives a good idea of their national teams performance. Can this be used to forecast results? But, this is football, other factors also need to be taken into account with this world cup: managers, South Africa’s playing home despite a ranking of 83 in May 2010 vs Brazil still No.1. Other factors would be current form, the team formation and strategy, team lineup, weather conditions, referee and the players spirit!

If you check the ranking for May 2010 from this site:

You’ll see that these top the list (rank, name, points)