Honda Fit 1.3 More Economical than Toyota Vitz 1.0

Honda L13A i-DSI engine (Wikipedia)

Honda L13A i-DSI engine

A friend was asking me the economy of the Honda Fit/Jazz. I remembered that I read about Fit being more economical than the March/Micra and Vitz despite having a bigger 1.3 engine. I decided to confirm it from their respective websites. More


Iframac Overtakes ABC Motors – When is Axess Bringing the Mazda 2 Demio

News from Motormag says that for the first 3 months of 2010, Iframac has totalled more vehicle sales than ABC motors. Can it become the No.1 this year. ABC has been leading for the past 10 years or so.

Another group that has potential I’d say is Axess. My suggestion would be to bring in the World Car of the Year 2008. That’s the Mazda 2/Demio that won against reputed cars like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A5, Nissan Qashqai and Ford Mondeo! It’s a direct competitor of Toyota Vitz/Yaris and Honda Fit/Jazz/City. Fifth Gear has a review of the Mazda2:


5 Reasons of Choosing Diesel over Petrol Cars

Checking the increase in the price of petrol this month left me in regret of the 2.0 turbo diesel Toyota car I just sold for a 2 years newer 1.5L petrol car. Yes I’m paying less road tax, it’s supposed to be smaller and more economical engine but… it’s not as powerful… not as economical… and not as torquy…

Here are 5 Reasons why Mauritians should buy diesel cars instead of petrol: More

When Will University Fees be Tax Exempted?

I have been waiting for post-graduate courses to be advertised at the University of Mauritius… not because they’re the best (they’re simply not), but because they’re the most affordable at Rs 85k for a Masters honours degree…

But I come to think of it… As an IT professional, I work and pay loads of income tax… If only the money you spend on university degrees and courses relevant to prioritised fields could be exempted from your taxable income? That would really encourage people to upgrade themselves. After all, we’re serving the country, the private sector, the pillars of Mauritian economy…

March is bigger, more powerful, more economical than Sunny!

I feel like taking it all out whenever I see someone still buying a N17 Nissan Sunny VIP. It’s ugly (to me), DISCONTINUED in Japan and SMALL INTERIOR for it’s exterior size. It is an improvement over the past Sunny in terms of space use, and it remains an economical engine to run and service (lower second price about Rs 100k less). But can’t you see that the Nissan March is BIGGER THAN the Sunny interior?  More