Bad Decision – Allowing less credits to promote from SC to HSC

Among all the good decisions taken by the government these days, there comes one that goes backwards. Today the Minister of Education announced that only 3 credits will be required to promote SC students to take HSC, compared to 4 credits. This is bad, because these students who did not get enough credits are wasting their time, THEY ARE NOT GOOD AT ACADEMICS – They are definitely good at doing something else. Vocational courses is the way for them. More


Youngsters Should Vote and Even Form Parties – General Elections 2010

So many educated young people (I mean under 35) tell me that they don’t vote. The reasons they say is that politicians are all corrupt and useless to vote for any party. But I say isn’t it your duty to choose what politician the country will have? What if just 50,000 voting youngsters think that way?

How about focusing those youngsters into creating a new party, a youngsters party, all around Mauritius. Some people pose as independent candidates. It’s definitely not to win! You need to be in a group to make big changes to the country. Ignore the fact that our Asian culture trains us to think the old people make better leaders. If only one person gets voted in the fictitious ‘Youngsters Revolution’ party (lol), it’ll be a success, cause it’ll encourage more young people to vote, and do come out to do something. The point is that if all the non-voters vote for the same one new party, that party will gain some power in front of the other parties.

You’ll say politics are dirty… it’s just perception. To some politics is a business, mean power, mean social work and more. Who made politics dirty? Who said that the governing politicians are meant to be bad?!

There is a saying however, ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’  And one from Spiderman, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’

The ideal education system for Mauritius – primary, middle, sc+hsc high school

Being good at studies and having attended a star school I might have seen the current education system to be most appropriate to me. I did my CPE, ranked good, went to secondary school… still unsure what I’d become… I did science because it led to more openings according to my parents. I almost did medicine, and corrected myself at the last minute to do something I really love – computers…

Wait, what did I actually learn at primary school? Maths and languages… Does it mean that the (nearly) half who fail CPE aren’t worth going to college? Not everyone is good at math and languages (I’m omitting EVS – now as art, and a few more)…