What makes a good political leader in Mauritius!

I’m rather fed up of listening to the small parties leaders for the oncoming general election. I mean, I said, let’s check out if there’s some party worth voting apart from the 2 big alliances. FSM, MDN, MAM etc… There’s one thing I simply can’t digest is the lack of on-screen skills by their leaders. I mean come, on it’s not hard, you just need these:

  • La gueule! basically, that’s the ability to talk good of your party and your values no matter. Leaders should be able to answer questions askd to them, comment on their feelings of the day, of their vision with absolute confidence. Stuttering is like saying, ‘don’t vote me, I’m not good enough’ More

Do Voters Get the Government They Deserve? Inconsistency of Arguments by Current Parties

There is a saying that I heard earlier, “A country has the government that it deserves.”  Some people say that it’ s because of the attitude of the voters. I so far refused to agree with this. But today, I’ m not sure anymore. With the ousting of Rama Sithanen recently, I’m not sure which party to vote. After all, he was someone who worked well for the country. The common person will say ‘he was replaced by Pillay’  but that’s for an election. Such a communal answer… And yes, that seems to be the reality for many people here…

So we do work well together, no matter what the religion is. We live together, I have good friends from other religions. I understand the other communities pretty well I can say. Even the political parties have people from all communities (not to say religion!), so why are people not realising that they are after all promoting union when voting? More

Youngsters Should Vote and Even Form Parties – General Elections 2010

So many educated young people (I mean under 35) tell me that they don’t vote. The reasons they say is that politicians are all corrupt and useless to vote for any party. But I say isn’t it your duty to choose what politician the country will have? What if just 50,000 voting youngsters think that way?

How about focusing those youngsters into creating a new party, a youngsters party, all around Mauritius. Some people pose as independent candidates. It’s definitely not to win! You need to be in a group to make big changes to the country. Ignore the fact that our Asian culture trains us to think the old people make better leaders. If only one person gets voted in the fictitious ‘Youngsters Revolution’ party (lol), it’ll be a success, cause it’ll encourage more young people to vote, and do come out to do something. The point is that if all the non-voters vote for the same one new party, that party will gain some power in front of the other parties.

You’ll say politics are dirty… it’s just perception. To some politics is a business, mean power, mean social work and more. Who made politics dirty? Who said that the governing politicians are meant to be bad?!

There is a saying however, ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’  And one from Spiderman, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’