Configuring Emtel HSDPA on HTC / Android

After trying to get the config sent via Emtel’s website, I decided to Google a bit before calling or visiting Emtel. HTC wasn’t their list.

I found the simplest solution on yasir03’s blog, I just created a new connection and put the apn to web. And here’s my first mobile post…


New MyT and ADSL Tariff – Unlimited internet is finally accessible to all?

I have to say that at first, I was quite disappointed when the MBC Journal said that they 128K ADSL is now being offered at 256K but with a 3GB cap (and extra transfer at Rs0.57/MB) at only Rs 499… But then I looked at news section. The old 128K unlimited is also available as ADSL 512 with a Fair Usage Policy at Rs 863 (inc vat). That’s good… but MBC didn’t say about MyT? That got me worried… but MyT has also went down… from MyT 256 at Rs 750+VAT to MyT 512 at Rs 869+VAT (LOL, no, it didn’t go up!).

I decided to have a few speed test to verify if Orange people would really be working on a Sunday to do the switching to faster speed…It’s Sunday 1 March… 15h00 let’s go on one of the reliable speed tests out there, and make a few tests. I made 4-5 tests which gave me over 500kbps almost every time. And 370kbps 1 time. That’s pretty good… But I still have to test on Rapidshare and see what it gives.