Stock Market End of Year Rise!

I haven’t been following stocks for long, but in Mauritius, I think that the market soars in the last few months of the year. That happened in 2009, and I expect it to happen in 2010. The past few weeks has seen many of my hot-picks seeing a huge increase in market price 😛 I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that I could have invested more! More


March is bigger, more powerful, more economical than Sunny!

I feel like taking it all out whenever I see someone still buying a N17 Nissan Sunny VIP. It’s ugly (to me), DISCONTINUED in Japan and SMALL INTERIOR for it’s exterior size. It is an improvement over the past Sunny in terms of space use, and it remains an economical engine to run and service (lower second price about Rs 100k less). But can’t you see that the Nissan March is BIGGER THAN the Sunny interior?  More