Hard-working vs Lazy Teachers

People in Mauritius have recently grown jealous of the dream job of many, school teacher, or educator as they are called now (for college), long paying holidays, short working hours… Little do they know the hard work that many of them put in doing their duty. It is like labour work, except that nobody says they ‘only’ work from 5 to 11 am or so. That’s because their work is physically demanding. Education on the other hand, is mentally demanding, and as exhausting as your private 9 to 6 pm job…

However, there are some teachers who abuse of their positions, to enjoy themselves, make money on tuitions – thus making a bad name for themselves. There are a few examples of those, like Mr X who threatens his students to take tuition with him, or else he will give them bad marks. More


No Public Smoking, Drinking – Lallmatie Looks Cleaner and More Peaceful

With the for and against the new smoking and alcohol drinking in public places, there actually is a real change in Lallmatie.

People of Lallmatie have started to respect public places. No more drinking around the corner (for the fear of fines)… no more smoking… It really feels fresh now.

What a good way to celebrate the National Day!

Just Do It!

Times and again, someone has to know what’s happening in some places around Lallmatie… Or that I should give my opinion on the problems in Mauritius. I’m not yet writing articles for a newspaper, but a blog is a very good start!

So often, I get ideas of what I can write, or what should be said (like many people had predicted today’s traffic problems with the 3 pm ending time for colleges – it’s another thing that it might be solved today… we said it before… much before…). So from now on, I’ll write on… Show the world, you, and expect comments, critics, etc… Spam? Except Spam…

Speaking of the traffic problem, if ‘they’ really want to keep the 3 pm, why not increase the working time for government agencies to 4.30 pm? Anyway, they’re already getting more pay since this year’s PRB – and we’re still working harder, and for longer hours in the private sector, and still running the economy…