University of Mauritius Lazy Administration and Rules

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I have am going back to UOM this semester like many others for my MSc… and I have to say that the rules still suck as they did many years ago… Come on 80% attendance for postgraduate courses? Is it a joke… Many will not be able to make it to the lectures (not easy to get releases)… And their timetables… No communication from the administration prior to their when exactly the course if going to start… I mean, not even an email (do they even know how to email)…

The admin’s biggest fault is that they don’t understand your point. They couldn’t care less that you have to take loans to pay the nearly 80K per year for an MSc or 100K for MBA… They want instant payment even if they give you only 1 day to make arrangements for it… They of all people should know about these things… Blame the Mauritius Post for the delay if you want (that’s another debate), but they still could have emailed you instantly, afterall, you can put your email in the application…

I have to say that the lecturers have improved. They want to change the university for better, fairer principles but are getting stopped somewhere… I’m not saying that there are no lazy lecturers, they’re still here! But it’s good that most are not. I’m quite pleased with the interest that most lecturers put in their lectures and their preparations.

UOM has also has a SLOW and ARCHAIC website (actually a shame for such a university, if you compare to Europe, yes we should compare to Europe cause many of their professional grade websites are designed in Mauritius!) .


Orange/Mauritius Telecom: Over 1 month and no phone line yet: will I be able to get MyT by 2010 please?

I have been a good word-of-mouth promoter of MyT and how it’s way faster than competition… and more accessible around the island. I’ve been using it a lot last year. But that’s all to it.

I have applied nearly 2 months ago for a telephone line (no, I don’t have one in my new house yet), when it’s supposed to be 3-6 weeks according to agents on their 8902#1#1 Hotline.

“No, you can’t apply for MyT and a telephone line at the same time!” said the lazy-looking lady who even prevented me from filling my application form properly at the Flacq branch of Orange. “Those sections are to be filled after technicians install the line. After that you can apply for MyT and they’ll do line conversion and all.”