A New Year Begins – More Mahabharat Lessons?

I feel bad not having blogged the past weeks. Missed the commenting of the big gambling episodes of Mahabharat. The points are simple:

  • When you’re on a losing streak, STOP!
  • Even better, do not gamble for valuable things!
  • When your elders are doing something bad (and you’re realising), you should stop them! Or it can end into losing everything. If any one of the brothers had stopped Yudhisthir from putting at stake his kingdom…
  • A woman saved the day in that episode, despite being mistreated! How many women are still mistreated these days, yet they take care of their parents, children and themselves…

With this year, I plan to launch a few online products… Like someone said, anyone can get ideas, but to make them become a business requires execution, planning and perseverance!


    Mahabharat – On Bravery & Cowardice – War as a last resort

    One episode last month mentioned war as a last resort by Krishna. Considering other alternatives to war is bravery. Wisdom in moving away from war can be seen as cowardice by others, but these ignorants should be ignored. Thus, Krishna calls to leave the vulnerable Mathura for a new kingdom, Dwarika, with higher defence city. More

    Mahabharat 01 Nov 10 – The Draupadi Sharing Misconception

    Arjun and Bhim told their mother that Draupadi was alms, which is why their mother ordered to share. But as soon as she realised that she’s a person: everyone was agreeable that women should be respected. However Yudhisthir says mother’s order is more important than moral? logic? Krishna explains to her that she should not unknowingly impose to her sons.

    Unlike what many people think, it’s not the mother’s order that is the reason of sharing, but rather More

    If the student is not keen, what will the teacher teach

    Another point coming from Mahabharat this week: Motivation is required in the student for proper learning. Otherwise, the teachings may go to waste.

    Action, Not Birth, Determines Caste – Religion, Politics & Management

    I was very pleased with the episodes of Mahabharat this week (Mahabharat 6 & 10 Sep MBC1). There were important lessons and teachings in each episodes. Given the recent uproar created by the infamous l’Express article on castes use in politics, I think it’s important that everyone understands that even in the times of Mahabharat (3000 years ago or so), it was accepted that people can determine their caste, by the job they do: their actions.


    Mahabharat 07 – 26 July 2010 – 2 Lessons + This serial should really be PG-rated

    It’s so absurd to see more impulsive and extreme decisions today. The princess Gandhari prefers to blindfold herself for life instead of supporting his blind prince husband Dhristarashtra… Bhishma blesses her with 100 sons… Ayaya, this blessing will come true. Traces of cloning are speculated to have been the solution to this. I wonder if that will be pictured this way, or as usual to this serial: eye contact + smoke = new baby! More

    Mahabharat MBC1 Monday 12 July – The lesson from Bhishma’s impulsive vow

    It was with great pleasure that I sat down to watch Mahabharat last Monday. I had spent my childhood enjoying the actions (flaming arrows etc) of this serial. I said to myself, let’s see if I still see it the same, convinced that I’d find new wisdom… Alas, I was not only disappointed, I was enraged by the picturing of the characters… More