Mauritius adopts CO2 Emissions Green Tax, Nissan NV200, New Micra K13, Mitsubishi Colt

Nissan March K13It’s good to see the award winning NV 200 (the new Nissan Vanette) reaching our shores for about Rs 600,000. Now the Peugeot Bipper/Partner has a contender. Although the Bipper is more affordable and comes in more economical diesel engine, hardcore Japanese fans.

Good to see as well is the new Micra with a 1.2 L 3-cylinder new engine that’s going to be able to compete with peers for fuel economy. Coupled with a 7-year 100,000 km warranty, ABC Motors knows its business. I guess many Mauritians won’t see the a-bit-dull looks and lower quality (according to foreign journalists).

Mitsubishi Colt 2001The Mitsubishi Colt is finally here, abeit the older model. I hope they advertise that it has SIX (6) seats as opposed to 5 for all other hatchbacks in its category (Vitz, Fit, Demio, 207, Fiesta).

Finally the introduction of the green tax soon will be a good thing. It’ll be a system similar to France with bonus and mallus applied depending on your car’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission. To be honest, I think the bonus is way too little. It should have been More


End of Second Hand Sales Division for Toyota Mauritius

While local competitors are increasing their second-hand vehicle sales, it’s not surprising that the local dealer of Toyota (ex Beechand) is closing its Toyota Sure, used car division. Why it’s  not surprising, it’s because of their bad service, excessive prices, and incorrect models sold…


Action, Not Birth, Determines Caste – Religion, Politics & Management

I was very pleased with the episodes of Mahabharat this week (Mahabharat 6 & 10 Sep MBC1). There were important lessons and teachings in each episodes. Given the recent uproar created by the infamous l’Express article on castes use in politics, I think it’s important that everyone understands that even in the times of Mahabharat (3000 years ago or so), it was accepted that people can determine their caste, by the job they do: their actions.


Gold Remains One of the Safest High Yield Investments – Mauritius Dodo Coins

Dodo Rs 250 photo from have access to investing in gold since over 20 years with the introduction of The Dodo coin in Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 face values. It must have been in 1990’s, while a kid reading MCB Rupys magazine that I came to learn about it. The Dodo coins were a symbol of patriotism. A few years later, their prices has grown from Rs 1000 to Rs 8000… It came to my mind that hmm, gold prices have increased… Little did I guess that they’d keep on increasing. The Dodo gold coin prices grew an amazing 25%+ per annum* compound over the last five years! Or 14.5%  p.a. for the last 10 years. More

The seriousness of pen-drive viruses and their ignorance: Simple steps to protect yourself

I have seen to many people ignorant of the fact that their pen-drives (usb key, usb disk) have been contaminated by viruses that have been copied by them unknowingly! How? And why didn’t their antivirus detect them? Some do not even know until their computers start becoming slow and more… Let me explain easy ways to detect and protect yourself…


Crise Euro Already Starts Negative Speculation

The effects of the last 2008 recession was felt a bit late in the Mauritian stock exchange: the lowest point came about Feb-March 2009. Now we hear of the recent Euro Crisis and the market went down a bit last week… already? More

Now is the time to invest in the Mauritian Stock market – March April May 2010 –

Most companies have recovered from the crash that the local market following recession. The SEMDEX reached its minimum last year in March 2009, some companies falling as low as their nominal values! But since there, the market has roared. If I had put my money then, I’d be happy with a 25-100% profit… Demand kept rising until recently… More

New MyT and ADSL Tariff – Unlimited internet is finally accessible to all?

I have to say that at first, I was quite disappointed when the MBC Journal said that they 128K ADSL is now being offered at 256K but with a 3GB cap (and extra transfer at Rs0.57/MB) at only Rs 499… But then I looked at news section. The old 128K unlimited is also available as ADSL 512 with a Fair Usage Policy at Rs 863 (inc vat). That’s good… but MBC didn’t say about MyT? That got me worried… but MyT has also went down… from MyT 256 at Rs 750+VAT to MyT 512 at Rs 869+VAT (LOL, no, it didn’t go up!).

I decided to have a few speed test to verify if Orange people would really be working on a Sunday to do the switching to faster speed…It’s Sunday 1 March… 15h00 let’s go on one of the reliable speed tests out there, and make a few tests. I made 4-5 tests which gave me over 500kbps almost every time. And 370kbps 1 time. That’s pretty good… But I still have to test on Rapidshare and see what it gives.


March is bigger, more powerful, more economical than Sunny!

I feel like taking it all out whenever I see someone still buying a N17 Nissan Sunny VIP. It’s ugly (to me), DISCONTINUED in Japan and SMALL INTERIOR for it’s exterior size. It is an improvement over the past Sunny in terms of space use, and it remains an economical engine to run and service (lower second price about Rs 100k less). But can’t you see that the Nissan March is BIGGER THAN the Sunny interior?  More

Just Do It!

Times and again, someone has to know what’s happening in some places around Lallmatie… Or that I should give my opinion on the problems in Mauritius. I’m not yet writing articles for a newspaper, but a blog is a very good start!

So often, I get ideas of what I can write, or what should be said (like many people had predicted today’s traffic problems with the 3 pm ending time for colleges – it’s another thing that it might be solved today… we said it before… much before…). So from now on, I’ll write on… Show the world, you, and expect comments, critics, etc… Spam? Except Spam…

Speaking of the traffic problem, if ‘they’ really want to keep the 3 pm, why not increase the working time for government agencies to 4.30 pm? Anyway, they’re already getting more pay since this year’s PRB – and we’re still working harder, and for longer hours in the private sector, and still running the economy…