Bad Decision – Allowing less credits to promote from SC to HSC

Among all the good decisions taken by the government these days, there comes one that goes backwards. Today the Minister of Education announced that only 3 credits will be required to promote SC students to take HSC, compared to 4 credits. This is bad, because these students who did not get enough credits are wasting their time, THEY ARE NOT GOOD AT ACADEMICS – They are definitely good at doing something else. Vocational courses is the way for them. More


What makes a good political leader in Mauritius!

I’m rather fed up of listening to the small parties leaders for the oncoming general election. I mean, I said, let’s check out if there’s some party worth voting apart from the 2 big alliances. FSM, MDN, MAM etc… There’s one thing I simply can’t digest is the lack of on-screen skills by their leaders. I mean come, on it’s not hard, you just need these:

  • La gueule! basically, that’s the ability to talk good of your party and your values no matter. Leaders should be able to answer questions askd to them, comment on their feelings of the day, of their vision with absolute confidence. Stuttering is like saying, ‘don’t vote me, I’m not good enough’ More