Mahabharat 07 – 26 July 2010 – 2 Lessons + This serial should really be PG-rated

It’s so absurd to see more impulsive and extreme decisions today. The princess Gandhari prefers to blindfold herself for life instead of supporting his blind prince husband Dhristarashtra… Bhishma blesses her with 100 sons… Ayaya, this blessing will come true. Traces of cloning are speculated to have been the solution to this. I wonder if that will be pictured this way, or as usual to this serial: eye contact + smoke = new baby! More


The Beauty of Tulsi KSBKBT – The real heroes are the villains

After try so hard to make my family stop watching Tulsi every night, I came to realise one thing with the recent turn of events on MBC TV. Let me sum up, in the serial, a big climax and story just ended. Another one just started. A few points will show how the writers/directors are intelligent (yeah, may be you didn’t doubt that): More