A New Year Begins – More Mahabharat Lessons?

I feel bad not having blogged the past weeks. Missed the commenting of the big gambling episodes of Mahabharat. The points are simple:

  • When you’re on a losing streak, STOP!
  • Even better, do not gamble for valuable things!
  • When your elders are doing something bad (and you’re realising), you should stop them! Or it can end into losing everything. If any one of the brothers had stopped Yudhisthir from putting at stake his kingdom…
  • A woman saved the day in that episode, despite being mistreated! How many women are still mistreated these days, yet they take care of their parents, children and themselves…

With this year, I plan to launch a few online products… Like someone said, anyone can get ideas, but to make them become a business requires execution, planning and perseverance!


    The Beauty of Tulsi KSBKBT – The real heroes are the villains

    After try so hard to make my family stop watching Tulsi every night, I came to realise one thing with the recent turn of events on MBC TV. Let me sum up, in the serial, a big climax and story just ended. Another one just started. A few points will show how the writers/directors are intelligent (yeah, may be you didn’t doubt that): More

    Just Do It!

    Times and again, someone has to know what’s happening in some places around Lallmatie… Or that I should give my opinion on the problems in Mauritius. I’m not yet writing articles for a newspaper, but a blog is a very good start!

    So often, I get ideas of what I can write, or what should be said (like many people had predicted today’s traffic problems with the 3 pm ending time for colleges – it’s another thing that it might be solved today… we said it before… much before…). So from now on, I’ll write on… Show the world, you, and expect comments, critics, etc… Spam? Except Spam…

    Speaking of the traffic problem, if ‘they’ really want to keep the 3 pm, why not increase the working time for government agencies to 4.30 pm? Anyway, they’re already getting more pay since this year’s PRB – and we’re still working harder, and for longer hours in the private sector, and still running the economy…