The seriousness of pen-drive viruses and their ignorance: Simple steps to protect yourself

I have seen to many people ignorant of the fact that their pen-drives (usb key, usb disk) have been contaminated by viruses that have been copied by them unknowingly! How? And why didn’t their antivirus detect them? Some do not even know until their computers start becoming slow and more… Let me explain easy ways to detect and protect yourself…



Great Wall Voleex C10/Phenom i7 – A Vitz/Yaris Clone that Looks Better than the Original

You might already know about the GWM Florid in sale in Mauritius since last year. At first look it’s a copied Toyota Vitz 1st Gen (front) mingled with the Toyota IST (rear and interior). These two are basically built on the same platform by Toyota. I was always thinking what it’d be if they had made a car inspired by the new Vitz/Yaris. Great Wall Motors finally did it – it was code named CH031. It’s on sale now as the Voleex C10 and Voleex C30 (saloon between the Belta/Yaris and the Corolla).GWM Voleex C10 Side Front