Mahabharat 01 Nov 10 – The Draupadi Sharing Misconception

Arjun and Bhim told their mother that Draupadi was alms, which is why their mother ordered to share. But as soon as she realised that she’s a person: everyone was agreeable that women should be respected. However Yudhisthir says mother’s order is more important than moral? logic? Krishna explains to her that she should not unknowingly impose to her sons.

Unlike what many people think, it’s not the mother’s order that is the reason of sharing, but rather More


Mahabharat MBC1 Monday 12 July – The lesson from Bhishma’s impulsive vow

It was with great pleasure that I sat down to watch Mahabharat last Monday. I had spent my childhood enjoying the actions (flaming arrows etc) of this serial. I said to myself, let’s see if I still see it the same, convinced that I’d find new wisdom… Alas, I was not only disappointed, I was enraged by the picturing of the characters… More

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi To Be Banned with KavyAnjali – Lack of realistic storyline

Now you might be an ardent fan of Tulsi (Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) or Kavya/Anjali of Kavyanjali, but have you once use your logic and asked yourself if events that happen in those serials are rational, even for a child? Here are pitiful examples of recent events in these two nonsense serials:

  • KT doesn’t check whom she’s marrying. She is so indifferent to Lakshya that she recognises the hand of Eklavya but doesn’t say anything and willingly marries him. Or that she’s so silly or doesn’t love Lakshya that she CAN”T MAKE OUT THE DIFFERENCE between the hands of Eklavya and Lakshya.
  • One man is arrested for murder in KavyAnjali. Right after the interrogation, he takes out his mobile phone from his pocket and calls the villain. Come on, no murder suspect is interrogated, left in a cell without taking his mobile phone! Doesn’t even happen in Hindi movies…
  • KT’s mehendi comes out in less than 1 day! Means Lakshya doesn’t love him… Or it’s cheap Mehendi from China! 24 hours for your mehendi to disappear? Impossible even for the cheapest brand!
  • Over 25 years have passed but Tulsi and most other characters still behave the same as in the past. Now tell me, can someone who’s sane remain the same for all these years. I mean, she didn’t learn by her experience when she’s supposed to be the heroine role model for house wives… And Mihir?
  • Mihir’s character has changed however, but he still doesn’t trust Tulsi even after years of misunderstanding that would have tought a little child that he should have at least a little trust in his wife… BS… You don’t agree with me? Take a look at other people’s behaviour, especially old ones… No change! It’s impossible, unless you’re mentally sick…
  • The only freshness comes from Eklavya. He’s the only intelligent character in the serial currently. He thinks, plans and acts. Keeps to his word, is consistent. He has a goal, style and real character. Not just people who react to situations like most other people in the serial. Is he the villain? I don’t care, he’s the only sane person in the serial.

Now you tell me, you did see all that if you even watched Tulsi or KavyAnjali at least once. Hindi movies do have characters, unlike these 2 serials. Good Hindi movies (say from the big banners, Yash Raj Films, Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan, Bhansali etc) all have strong characters and rational situations, just like any good movie from all around the world.

MBC should at least schedule Tulsi at 10 pm everyday instead of the peak hours at 6.30. Instead, local programs should be encouraged in that time slot, or family entertainers that encourage good behaviour. Even putting the local Naya Ayaam would be better than Tulsi.

One exception to Hindi serials on MBC is Astitva. That’s a contrast from the above two. Simran is every shining, has strong character just like other main characters. The storyline flows smoothly, without wasting footage. It’s not the best in the world, but it’s good. I agree that the hero is not heroic (Abhimanyu’s character is so not-manly) but it’s a lot better than watching Tulsi and KavyAnjali!