Busy month + End of Tulsi on MBC + Budget 2011

I feel bad not having blogged for weeks, and missed Ba’s funeral on Facebook. Here we are finally, the end of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, aka. Tulsi over here… Happy to see 112y+ Ba and 64y Tulsi finally disappeared. I hope nobody remembers them… They should remember the villains: Ansh, Trupti etc…

I’ll have to write a full blog on the goods and bads of the budget 2011… The grave thing is that the government is spending nearly 20B (90B vs 70B) over it’s revenues, in times that businesses and themselves have shouted crisis! There are some good measures for the middle class, and for taxing the upper classes more but… the actual minister is no expert in the matter, and simply cannot match the former finance minister!


Do Voters Get the Government They Deserve? Inconsistency of Arguments by Current Parties

There is a saying that I heard earlier, “A country has the government that it deserves.”  Some people say that it’ s because of the attitude of the voters. I so far refused to agree with this. But today, I’ m not sure anymore. With the ousting of Rama Sithanen recently, I’m not sure which party to vote. After all, he was someone who worked well for the country. The common person will say ‘he was replaced by Pillay’  but that’s for an election. Such a communal answer… And yes, that seems to be the reality for many people here…

So we do work well together, no matter what the religion is. We live together, I have good friends from other religions. I understand the other communities pretty well I can say. Even the political parties have people from all communities (not to say religion!), so why are people not realising that they are after all promoting union when voting? More