Mauritius adopts CO2 Emissions Green Tax, Nissan NV200, New Micra K13, Mitsubishi Colt

Nissan March K13It’s good to see the award winning NV 200 (the new Nissan Vanette) reaching our shores for about Rs 600,000. Now the Peugeot Bipper/Partner has a contender. Although the Bipper is more affordable and comes in more economical diesel engine, hardcore Japanese fans.

Good to see as well is the new Micra with a 1.2 L 3-cylinder new engine that’s going to be able to compete with peers for fuel economy. Coupled with a 7-year 100,000 km warranty, ABC Motors knows its business. I guess many Mauritians won’t see the a-bit-dull looks and lower quality (according to foreign journalists).

Mitsubishi Colt 2001The Mitsubishi Colt is finally here, abeit the older model. I hope they advertise that it has SIX (6) seats as opposed to 5 for all other hatchbacks in its category (Vitz, Fit, Demio, 207, Fiesta).

Finally the introduction of the green tax soon will be a good thing. It’ll be a system similar to France with bonus and mallus applied depending on your car’s CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission. To be honest, I think the bonus is way too little. It should have been More


Busy month + End of Tulsi on MBC + Budget 2011

I feel bad not having blogged for weeks, and missed Ba’s funeral on Facebook. Here we are finally, the end of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, aka. Tulsi over here… Happy to see 112y+ Ba and 64y Tulsi finally disappeared. I hope nobody remembers them… They should remember the villains: Ansh, Trupti etc…

I’ll have to write a full blog on the goods and bads of the budget 2011… The grave thing is that the government is spending nearly 20B (90B vs 70B) over it’s revenues, in times that businesses and themselves have shouted crisis! There are some good measures for the middle class, and for taxing the upper classes more but… the actual minister is no expert in the matter, and simply cannot match the former finance minister!

Mare D’Australia – Trottoir lor Trottoir!

Driving around Brisée Verdière, near Mare d’Australia, a few weeks ago, there were workers building pavement on both side of the road. Wait. there already are pavement! in decent condition! The workers were building another pavement on top of the old one… Waste of money!

Means my tax money’s going there! Instead of being well-spent on necessary things, like proper protection from flood in that same village! To top it, road that’s already in good condition at Brisée Verdière has been rendered again! In Belvedere there’s even 2 levels of tar on each lane…

Doesn’t anyone notice that apart from me and my friends?

When Will University Fees be Tax Exempted?

I have been waiting for post-graduate courses to be advertised at the University of Mauritius… not because they’re the best (they’re simply not), but because they’re the most affordable at Rs 85k for a Masters honours degree…

But I come to think of it… As an IT professional, I work and pay loads of income tax… If only the money you spend on university degrees and courses relevant to prioritised fields could be exempted from your taxable income? That would really encourage people to upgrade themselves. After all, we’re serving the country, the private sector, the pillars of Mauritian economy…

1-percent for Employee welfare? Wait, you only get it if you’re fired!

Something’s not right with this force-upon 1% deduction of your salary for a fund that will give you part of your salary in case you lose your job. Now, I’m not saying that the it’s bad to keep getting a salary when you don’t have a job, but taking 1% each month! It’s like overtaxing the private sector.

The government doesn’t seem to have enough of discouraging people from working in the private sector More