End of Second Hand Sales Division for Toyota Mauritius

While local competitors are increasing their second-hand vehicle sales, it’s not surprising that the local dealer of Toyota (ex Beechand) is closing its Toyota Sure, used car division. Why it’s  not surprising, it’s because of their bad service, excessive prices, and incorrect models sold…



Automatics vs Manual – How CVT Automatic is More Economical Than Manual

People in Mauritius have for long said that automatic gearbox is slower, heavier and drinks a lot of fuel. This is changing now and people need to learn about the new types of automatics. For many girls, the comfort given by the automatic takes over the fact that they use more fuel but that’s changed now with more economical CVT gearbox – all hybrid vehicles have them, and you bet, they’re better than manual!

Let’s start by listing the different types of gearboxes available: More

Perodua from UMW Toyota?

A few Perodua models have recently entered the Mauritian market. These inexpensive models (about Rs 400,000 new!) from Malaysia have started to gain a rather good reputation especially the Mivy. Some driving tutors are even considering using them.

So I said, let me read about the company… and tada, it’s 58% owned by UMW Toyota and Daihatsu (which is a subsidiary of Toyota!). They even share the factory that buids the Toyota Avanza!

No wonder that Daihatsu models are the basis of Perodua cars:

Daihatsu Mira -> Perodua Viva

Daihatsu Sirion -> Toyota Passo/Duet -> Perodua Mivy

Daihatsu Trevis -> Perodua Kelisa

and some more like the Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios… Nek manque the Toyota Camry/Daihatsu Altis to come next 😛

What about your views? How do you find Perodua vehicles?

Why Toyota Mauritius Is Lagging Behind In Sales

Recent figures from MotorMag magazine shows that although the Corolla is still their best selling model – for Toyota Mauritius (also known as Beechand previously) market share is falling. The total sales have also fallen for the group for the first quarter of 2009. Now this trend is not due to recession, it’s the relative market share on the local market and the reason to me, is obvious…

There has been a clear lack of 1. correct models and options for Mauritius; 2. inaccurate and incomplete marketing campaigns. Let’s take them one by one. Anyone who wants to critic me is open to do so.

Let’s consider the E150 Corolla that they’ve been bringing for about 2 years only as a 4-speed automatic 1.5L. Now come on, everyone knows that Mauritians who buy Japanese prefer manual gearbox. Simply offering only that (in ads) was a deterrant to many Toyota-lovers. Ah, it’s only now, after so many months that they’ve started to offer the 1.6L 5-speed manual… Late I’d say, when the market has been taken by Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer (Iframac claims the Lancer to be no 1 in sales for mid-size vehicles for 2007 and 2008 although the Lancer is more a compact sedan rather than a mid-size -MotorMag, June 2009).