Mahabharat 01 Nov 10 – The Draupadi Sharing Misconception

Arjun and Bhim told their mother that Draupadi was alms, which is why their mother ordered to share. But as soon as she realised that she’s a person: everyone was agreeable that women should be respected. However Yudhisthir says mother’s order is more important than moral? logic? Krishna explains to her that she should not unknowingly impose to her sons.

Unlike what many people think, it’s not the mother’s order that is the reason of sharing, but rather More


Tulsi Tue 20 July – The 4 Lessons of this Episode That Your Mom Will Not Learn

1. Realise that some people won’t change early, not after being kicked 10 times

Tulsi made the gravest mistake by trusting Mandira after being well aware of her character for over 40 years. Agreed that the first time you can forgive, come on even 2-3 times. But not after so many times. Even a dog would have known not to trust Mandira’s word.

2. Running with Sari is Hard

Shobha could not run after Mandira, who wore a knee-high skirt (or dress). Shobha must have work a heavy sari.

3. Know to whom you are donating

Didn’t Tulsi know that Nirmala has earned millions by blackmailing Mandira? Why does she give her peanuts then…

4. Check your alibi

Karan is no fool, he knows the moment you stutter in your words that you might be lying.

Mahabharat MBC1 Monday 12 July – The lesson from Bhishma’s impulsive vow

It was with great pleasure that I sat down to watch Mahabharat last Monday. I had spent my childhood enjoying the actions (flaming arrows etc) of this serial. I said to myself, let’s see if I still see it the same, convinced that I’d find new wisdom… Alas, I was not only disappointed, I was enraged by the picturing of the characters… More