Bad Decision – Allowing less credits to promote from SC to HSC

Among all the good decisions taken by the government these days, there comes one that goes backwards. Today the Minister of Education announced that only 3 credits will be required to promote SC students to take HSC, compared to 4 credits. This is bad, because these students who did not get enough credits are wasting their time, THEY ARE NOT GOOD AT ACADEMICS – They are definitely good at doing something else. Vocational courses is the way for them. More


Mahabharat 07 – 26 July 2010 – 2 Lessons + This serial should really be PG-rated

It’s so absurd to see more impulsive and extreme decisions today. The princess Gandhari prefers to blindfold herself for life instead of supporting his blind prince husband Dhristarashtra… Bhishma blesses her with 100 sons… Ayaya, this blessing will come true. Traces of cloning are speculated to have been the solution to this. I wonder if that will be pictured this way, or as usual to this serial: eye contact + smoke = new baby! More